Southern Fried Cash:

Why SEC Football Matters So Damn Much (to those to whom it matters at all)

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"It has often been said that football in the South is a religion. A debauched, drunken religion where monomaniacal leaders strip away the innocence of young men. Sort of like Roman Catholicism. But with less kneeling (except in victory formation)."

- Smokey Joe Mayes, Southern Fried Cash

Southern Fried Cash is an exploration of college football in the south, in particular, the Southeastern Conference. From the conference's start in 1932, through the 1962 Ole Miss riots over the admission of James Meredith, to the poisoning of the trees at Toomers corner, no stone in the SEC's storied history will remain unturned.

Southern Fried Cash is a multi-media project that is really two projects in one. I will attend a home football game at each of the conference's 14 universities, plus the conference championship game in Atlanta, to capture a first-hand, up-close look at why SEC football matters so damn much to those to whom it matters at all.

We will interview students, administrators, alumni, fans, players, and coaches to provide this rare insight into the mind of SEC football.

From these visits, I will chronicle this journey, as well as the history of the conference and each school, in book form. Second, I will capture (video) and narrate the visits to each school, bringing the unique experience of each home team's pre- and post-game traditions, as well as the in-game revelry.

For Southern Fried Cash, I'll be attending a home game at each of the 14 current SEC schools, plus pre-season visits to each of the Original 3 schools which are no longer part of the Southeastern Conference: Sewanee, Georgia Tech, and Tulane.

I will arrive on Thursday before the game, meet with the SID Thursday afternoon, meet with as many coaches, students, players, and administrators as possible on Friday, tailgate before the kickoff, then hit the celebration/condolence parties after the Saturday game.

Of course, following the regular season, I'll attend the SEC Championship game in Atlanta, followed by the College Football Playoff Semi-Finals, assuming an SEC school is represented in one or the other bowls. Which, let's face it, is a pretty safe assumption. After all, there's Southern Fried Cash at stake.

Finally, if an SEC team makes it to the College Football Playoff Championship, I'll be there to chronicle the game and lead up to it as well.

​I'll see you at the tailgate.